Is This TINY Rugged Android Better Than The Mini iPhone?

TINY Rugged AndroidThis phone is cool, but what would be cooler is a phone that has more features, more tech, it's up to date in 2018, and I think I found it. So what I'm about to show you is just that. And you are about to be blown away. And let's just get into this thing. It's in this tiny box. Most smartphone boxes are huge, they're the size of a house. So at the top you've got your sim tool, pretty basic. So this is the Atom, the world's most rugged, small phone. I mean there's so many things that I could tell you. But let's just get in to what this phone is packing.

This screen is HD, 1080p screen. On the front, right up here, is an eight megapixel camera, on a phone this small. That's like selfie quality of the iPhone 10. There's a fingerprint reader at the bottom. A fingerprint reader. This looks like the one plus two fingerprint reader. I mean a fingerprint reader on a phone this small. It's IP68 certified. On the back, 16 megapixel camera. My iPhone is 12. I'm starting to have some second thoughts. We're going to do a little drop test at the end of the video so stay tuned for that. I'm just losing it. This thing is amazing.

SIM card slot on the side. You've got your volume buttons, of course. And it charges with USB C. That's the coolest part. And my buddy Zack from JerryRigEverything actually tore this phone apart. If you want to check that out I'll leave a link down below, it's pretty cool to see what makes this thing tick from the inside. So powered by Android. Now what version of Android? You're probably thinking Android 4, Android 5. No. This is running the latest, Android 8.1 Oreo. How did they do it? How did they get it? Half my phones that are from big companies don't even have Android 8.1 on it. So let's just jump into this thing. It's got a HD screen.

Has NFC in it. Amazing octa-core processor. Four gigabytes of RAM in here. What? How? I don't even want to know what the mini iPhone had inside. I'm sure it's not even a full gigabyte of RAM, which is really going to help between app multitasking and just overall performance of the phone. I'm really digging this one. For $219 if you still want to pick it up on Kickstarter. I think it's going to go for a little more when it fully retails. This could be the world's smallest phone with a fingerprint scanner. You guys let me know in the comments if that's the case. But I want to see how quick and recognizable this is.

On a phone this small, you'd hope it'd be good. I mean, it's security. Okay, it's almost like too small, that it's hard to register my finger. Is it done? Lock it. Oh boy. I fell like I just gotta learn where to place my finger. Give me a few days. (beep) I mean, wait. That sounded a little crazy. Let's take that back. (beep) With this phone they've been able to pack some pretty big specs and stuff that you find in a 7, 800, $900 phone in a form factor like this, with all this goodness for $219. You guys might have known this, but the Atom, the original one, the first phone of these, raised over a million dollars (cash register rings) on Kickstarter. And the Atom here is at the same, over a million dollars is pledged to this thing. So let's put it to the test.

Let's see if they're actually about it and they're real. We'll do a drop test. 3 2 1 (phone lightly thuds) (hip hop beats) Check this out. Didn't land on the screen, so I want to try and do one where it lands on the screen. It took the damage here and that's why this is really rigid, tough plastic and a lot of rubber. You're going to be secure if you drop it. So let's try to drop it on the screen. Dropping in 3 2 1 (phone clacks on pavement) Oh baby! Here we go. Did it make it? Is it really that rugged? Oh wow. Yeah boys. Look at that. So what's cool, I just realized this, it has this kind of lip. So the rubber on the sides raises higher than the screen.

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